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We specialize in developing tailored options that meet your data needs. If you’re a new company or an established enterprise, beneficial data management is essential for driving your company forward. Our services aim to simplify your data processes, increase efficiency, and offer significant insights that can assist your organization development 


Our extensive collection of managing information solutions encompasses data integration, storage, governance, and analytics. We support you in organizing your data, ensuring easy access, efficient storage, and seamless integration across all of your systems. 


We take data security seriously and use stringent measures to safeguard your sensitive information against threats, breaches, and unauthorized access.  


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Data Management Services offers an array of solutions that are suited to your business’s particular needs. Our broad portfolios of services include the ones that following 

Data Augmentation

Improve the quality and depth of your information with our data augmentation and enrichment services. Our team of professionals utilizes contemporary methods to improve your dataset with fresh data, ensuring accuracy and relevance.


We harmonize your data so that it maintains a uniform format or structure. This method allows it to be easier to combine and contrast distinct datasets, resulting in improved handling and analysis.

Data Enhancement

Our data enrichment services aim to improve your dataset with fresh data, enhancing its value and relevance. If it's incorporating demographic data, local information, or additional important features, we will help you gain further insights with your data.

Data Cleansing

Our data cleansing service involves finding and eliminating inconsistencies, errors, and duplicates in your dataset. Through keeping your data is clean and trustworthy, we improve its reliability and usability for improved choice-making and analysis.

Data De-duplication

De-duplication involves finding and deleting duplicate records within your dataset. By eliminating unneeded files, we reduce storage space whilst improving the effectiveness and precision of the information management processes.

Enrichment strategies

We utilize an array of strategies to add value to your information, such as information adding, scraping websites, and third-party information integration. These strategies enable us to supplement your dataset with helpful data from various sources, thereby improving its quality and depth.

Why Choose Us as Your Data Management Solution Provider

When choosing an affiliate for data management needs, trust is important. At Data Management Services, we attempt to be your trusted companion as you negotiate the complicated world of data management. Here are reasons why you ought to pick us: 


With years of industry experience, our team of professionals brings a plethora of knowledge and skills to the table. From data augmentation to data purification and beyond, we offer the capabilities and insights to meet all of your data management requirements.

Specialized Solutions

We understand that every enterprise is unique, so we develop customized solutions that are properly suited to your unique requirements. While you're a young company or a Fortune 500 company, we have the skills to devise the right approach for you.

Cutting-edge Technology

We utilize the latest technologies and tools to offer cutting-edge solutions that deliver results. From powered by AI data analytics to contemporary integration of data platforms, we maintain ahead of the latest developments in order to provide the best outcomes possible.


As the company expands, so do your data management needs. That is the reason we offer scalable options that can grow with you. Whether you're exploring new markets or publishing new products, we are able to meet your evolving needs.


Reliability is crucial for effective data management. You need a partner you can count on for consistent, high-quality results. With a documented history of achievement, you can be sure that the information we hold is in secure hands.

Customer contentment:

At the conclusion of the day, we aim to ensure your happiness. We work alongside you each phase of the way to understand what you want and offer answers that surpass your expectations. Your achievement is our achievement, and we are willing to go beyond what is necessary to assist you achieve your goals.

The Process We Follow at Data Science Company India


We start knowing the data management solution and understanding your particular data management challenges and goals. Our team works with you to look at your present data facilities identify opportunities for improvement, and develop an individual strategy that fulfills your needs.


When we have an adequate understanding of your requirements, we will begin an extensive examination of your data. This includes assessing the accuracy of the data, detecting discrepancies or errors, and selecting the best approach to data enhancement and enrichment. 


At Data augmentation and management services, we develop a comprehensive strategy outlining the steps necessary for achieving your data management objectives. It involves defining timetables for projects, allocating resources, and setting up significant milestones for tracking progress.


When the plan has been put in place, we will start implementing the necessary solutions that will enhance your data management processes. This might involve cleansing the information, uniformity, deletion, and other measures that boost data reliability and accuracy. 


Via data management solution with the construction phase, we continually monitor the project's progress to ensure that it stays on track. We continually assess the effectiveness of our approaches and implement changes as needed to improve results.


Once the initial setup is complete, we work on strengthening your data handling procedures to ensure long-term success. This might involve updating data governance requirements, bringing tools for automation, and giving finishing assistance and education to your workers.

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Case Study

Have a Look What All Services We Have Delivered as a Data Augmentation and Management Services: 

Automation of a Manufacturing Process for a Footwear Company

The Indian facility of a global shoe maker aimed at utilizing full automation innovations and automate its production operations. Additionally, it has been slipping behind with regard to maintaining up a sophisticated technological foundation that would enhance the capabilities for the employees there. To develop and roll out automation techniques that are fit over the future, Relaxo linked up with OrangeMantra. This boosted manufacturing efficiency while also rendering inventory and production data public in real time. 

case study

Data Warehousing Solution for a Prominent Automaker

Leading carmaker our client realized the significance it was to employ data to improve decision-making, streamline processes, and obtain an advantage in the market. A full understanding of the operation of the company was made difficult by the data silos that formed as a result of the data scattered throughout a number of departments. Furthermore, the client noticed trouble using data insights in real time to make informed business decisions. This case study analyzes the procedures that produces a solid information warehouse solution which has been adapted according to each client’s specific demands. 

Solution for Addressing Health Insurance Issues

The dental care supplier that we served relied on a paper-based claim settlement procedure. To get accurate data on the quantity of filed, pending, and closed claims, they need a dashboard solution. Their laborious manual printouts and files with upon request graphical displays can potentially be automated. The final result streamlines and automates the labor of finance departments and claim supervisors. 

case study

What Our Clients Say

"Data Management Services changed our data management procedures. Their meticulous dedication to detail and data management expertise allowed us to enhance our processes and obtain useful insights. "Highly recommended."

Sarah CEO

"We were pleased with the data management solution by the efficiency and consistency of Information Management Services' data augmentation services. They and their employees went above and above to increase the quality of our dataset, giving us with exact and pertinent data that significantly helped our decision-making process.”

John Director of Data augmentation and management services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Data management refers to the process of gathering, storing, arranging, and evaluating data to ensure accuracy, accessibility, and security. It includes an array of duties such as integrating data, purification, enhancement, and governance to maximize data value within the business. 

    Effective data management solution is critical for firms seeking to come to educated choices, improve efficiency in operations, and gain an edge over competitors. It assures that data is accurate, reliable, and rapidly accessed for analysis, which produces better conclusions and outcomes. 

    We offer an array of data management services, which include integration of data, cleansing, enhancement, migration, and analytics. Our services are tailored to each client's particular requirements, enabling them to optimize their data activities while accomplishing their business objectives. 

    At our data augmentation and management services we emphasize data safety and regulatory compliance through the use of strong safety measures like encryption, access boundaries, and ongoing audits. We additionally comply with pertinent laws and requirements, such as GDPR and HIPAA, to guarantee that the client's data are safeguarded and handled correctly. 

    We typically start the process with an appointment to find out about the requirements and goals of the client. From that, we assess their data architecture to develop an individual plan for implementation. After authorization, we go on to the implementation the platform, which is joined by regular assistance, monitoring, and optimization for the data management solution.