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Create an end-to-end solution to manage your energy & utility industry's growing needs

The energy & utility industry is constantly growing and emerging as the top technology-affected business. However, you may find a lot of solutions in the market to bring streamlined operational efficiency to your business. But you need to involve a trusted and reputed solutions provider to meet your business needs. As, energy & utility-related business deals with renewable energy, asset management, utility consulting, etc. So, you need custom and future-ready solutions to fulfill your business needs.


We implement smart technology like AI, ML, data science, and IoT to your solutions to manage your various business tasks. Our experts help to engineer solutions to improve the agility and flexibility of your business processes. Keep your core industry values at the top with our cutting-edge & tech-driven solutions.


DatasciencecompanyIndia integrates your business needs with prediction analytics, data analytics, and security compliance solutions. We offer real-time reports and management to ensure productivity. Plus, it helps to keep up with future market trends in energy & utility services.

Benefits of choosing us for telecommunication solutions

Agile approach

We offer an agile approach to solving your business requirements in an excellent and explained manner.

User-centered approach

Focus on the user experience to satisfy their expectations from you with our expert data science services.

Reputed clients

As remote working is the new norm, our many renowned clients approached us for a robust solution to meet their needs.

Cost-effective solutions

You will get efficient and robust solutions that fit your business without even breaking the bank.

Increased flexibility

Our telecom solutions help employees to feel connected with the workplace even from remote places.

Increased security

Our experts adhere to every rule of IP protection and security measures to include in every retail solution.

Benefits of choosing our energy & utility solutions
Benefits of choosing our energy & utility solutions

High-quality solutions

With our years of experience, we put our best efforts to gain quality outcomes on our client projects.

Cost-effective services

Our pricing model won't affect your project budget, as you can choose the project type.

Transparent process

Each phase of our process is transparent to our clients to ensure our accountability towards the project.

Modern technology

We leverage promising technology to deliver quality and productivity in every custom solution.

Certified team

Developers in our team have showcased their expertise and skills in all the client projects across the verticals.

Increased security

Our team of experts adheres to every medical compliance in their solution to present the best solution.

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Asset operations and maintenance services

Craft tech-driven asset management solutions with our expert energy and utility management services. We are proficient at asset operations and governance solutions for productivity. As, it also includes monitoring, inspection, and management services.

Smart grid management services

Our smart grid enables real-time monitoring and control infrastructure to achieve correct situational awareness. We offer data-driven solutions to offer you a competitive edge in energy & utility solutions. Our experts leverage IoT-based solutions for sustainable business.

Energy management software solutions

We have offered services to many trusted and reputed energy & utility businesses. Our software shows energy-saving solutions through management and forecast data. We utilize our expertise to offer an intelligent solution to curtail CO2 emissions.

Energy portfolio management services

Our energy management systems streamline your energy portfolio by monitoring and predicting utility usage, reducing costs, and balancing energy needs. With our customized solutions, you can monitor and manage your energy consumption in real time, optimizing your energy portfolio for maximum efficiency.

Cloud migration solutions

Our cloud migration solutions ensure migration to improve results and reduce infrastructural overheads. And it includes the processes from contract and asset to customer data management. And it all moved to the cloud for better accessibility.

Meter data management solutions

Unlock the power of smart grid data in your energy &utility solutions for quantifiable data. Our dedicated experts ensure the development of solutions that suits energy forms. We build solutions leveraging Python for better analytics and insights.

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Our data science consulting services offer the best in class solutions to businesses across the verticals.


Dashboard application to simplify
business operations

Our technological collaboration resulted in a full-fledged dashboarding system that has scaled and assisted with real-time market information. It enabled organizations to concentrate on their principal objectives while keeping an eye on secondary activities. Our data analysts collaborated with our client's specifications. We held planning sessions to produce and discuss novel ideas, and knowledge sharing.


Business analytics for insights-driven decision making

We create unique dashboards to display all relevant data in the marketing, operational, sales performance, finance, human resource, executive, and project management areas. We understand business dashboards are critical enterprise tools for visualizing insights. It is a centralized location that serves as a corporate intelligence tool, gathering all operational data and providing the necessary information.


Digitization of After-Sales Service for a Top Home Appliances Brand

Our reputed world's recognized electronics manufacturers wanted a digital platform. So, it helps to increase user interaction and business success. Our data science consulting services helped to extend support and increase after-sales service and extended warranty support. Now, the feature-rich platform is equipped with promising technology to streamline purchases, offerings, and assistance.


Learning management system for talent management

Creating a solid learning management system (LMS) to provide a simple process for trainers and learners, as well as automated skill development. Learning management systems hastened the evolution of learning in the digital era. It is a highly responsive and widely used model of digital learning, training, and skill development. We have created a device-friendly, interactive, and fully-equipped learning management system for businesses of all sizes.

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Digital Commerce Marketplace for a Globally Leading Electronics Company

The world’s largest electronics and technologies brand underwent a result-oriented digital transformation to automate sales patterns. And we helped with next-gen digital commerce that leverages UX-focused marketplace capabilities and automates crucial sales workflows.


Ecom Express

Digital transformation of the logistics solutions provider

One of the leading and renowned logistics brands, Ecom Express, is our reputed client. Our digital marketing experts offered a digital platform to streamline user interaction, shipping, deliveries, and more. The solution with cutting-edge technology helps the brand to enrich user engagement to the optimum extent.

JK cement

SFA solution for a globally renowned manufacturing brand

JK Cement is a leading multi-disciplinary industrial conglomerate JK Organization. The firm demanded an integrated SFA as a replacement for scattered information. Our customized solution improved customer relations, productivity, and ROI.



E-Business Platform for the Leading Two-Wheeler Brand

A pioneering two-wheeler manufacturing company in India has recently adopted a digitally innovative approach to providing a smart purchasing experience. And our professionals contributed to the creation of an excellent platform for customer interaction. So, the platform provides a feature-rich interactive platform for a wide range of two-wheelers and spare parts.

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Grid management is one of the most intriguing applications of data science in energy. Customers receive electricity via a complicated network (also known as the power grid).

Accurate load forecasting is enabled by advanced big data analytics technologies, which is the foundation for effective energy management.

The electric data model is a utility network configuration that comprises all of the feature classes, asset groups, asset kinds, rules, and associations required to begin using the Electric Utility Network Foundation.

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