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    Transform Business with Data Science Consulting Services

    We are a well-known company with two decades of remarkable experience. We are the initial choice for numerous industry leaders due to our broad offerings. Our data science company offers successful and informative statistics to keep your company up on board with the latest developments. We offer comprehensive data analysis utilizing methods and techniques. 

    Our experts integrate into the constantly shifting market trends for data science services. We will help you gain our experienced staff to help your business boost faster. We have been the chosen choice of our reliable customers for the exact same reasons. We may supply your company with in-depth information, visualizing information, predictive analysis, and predictions of trends that help your company. Our vision and insightful services enable your business to create a captivating strategy for data science consulting services. 



    Some of Our Clients   

    Delivering Enhanced Data Science Services

    Our data science company offers comprehensive services which are tailored to the particular requirements of businesses seeking data science services to capitalize data-driven insights. Our highly qualified data scientists utilize cutting-edge methods and instruments to offer feasible options that foster business growth and innovation.  


    Data Analysis and Visualization

    Harness the power of your information with sophisticated analysis and visualization instruments for becoming crucial insights that motivate tactical choices and drive business success.  


    Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning

    Employ statistical modeling and machine learning techniques to anticipate trends, understand designs, and arrive at proactive decisions, thus improving operational efficiency and restricting risks.  


    Big Data Analytics

    Utilize data science company’s big data systems and procedures for processing, analyzing, and extract information from enormous and complex data, leading to scalable solutions to your business issues.  


    AI and Automation Solutions

    Employ AI-driven solutions for automation to streamline activities, improve the use of resources, and encourage innovation across multiple business functions, thereby improving efficiency and competitiveness. 


    Data Science Consulting Services

    Partner with our experienced advisors to create data-driven plans that link with your business objectives. We use our sector knowledge and technical understanding to identify fresh possibilities and drive growth. 

    Why Choose Our Data Science Company?

    When it comes to maximizing potential of data, our company of consultants stands out for its commitment to quality, creativity, and satisfaction with clients. We offer tailored solutions that address your particular objectives and challenges, creating concrete outcomes that drive your business to flourish.  

    Expertise and Experience

    Leverage with our group of experienced data scientists and advisors with significant expertise across various sectors, providing best-in-class solutions aimed to your particular requirements.

    Innovative solutions.

    Stay ahead of rivals with our focus on innovation, using cutting-edge methods and technologies to create customized data analysis solutions that add measurable value to what you do.

    Customized Approach

    Receive individual care and solutions that meet your organization's goals, challenges, and boundaries, ensuring the greatest impact.

    A collaborative partnership

    Experience a collaborative cooperation built on transparency, interaction, and confidence, where your objectives are our top priority and we work together to achieve them.

    Adaptable Solutions

    Scale your information science operations easily as your company grows, utilizing flexible and scalable methods that adapt to your evolving needs and goals of your data science company.

    Commitment to Quality

    You are able to assured knowing our services exceed the highest quality and reliability demands, due to rigorous quality control procedures and a dedication to surpassing customer expectations.

    Our Robust Data Science Services Process that We Follow:

    We utilize an organized and iterative method to guarantee the success of your information science projects, from concept to implementation.  

    Partner with the leading data science consulting services

    Discovery and Analysis of Needs

    Thorough meetings for discovery and requirement evaluation may assist you gain an in-depth understanding of your business's goals, problems and data requirements.

    Data Collection and Preparation.

    Gather relevant data from various places and forms, then fresh, preprocess, and place it into a helpful format for analysis for your data science company. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) uncovers relationships, trends, and patterns in data that support future analysis and modeling decisions for data science consulting services.

    Model Development and Validation

    Develop and improve predictive models with complicated algorithms, evaluate their performance using appropriate measurements, and iterate as needed for optimal results.

    Deployment and Integration

    Deploy finished products into manufacturing settings, connecting it into current procedures and processes to allow an effortless setup and adoption.

    Monitoring & Maintenance

    Continually evaluate the performance of the models, input, and data drift, and offer periodic repairs and upgrades to ensure reliability and value.

    Industries We Cater

    Energy and Mining   
    Food and Beverages
    Media & Entertainment
    Real Estate  
    Professional Services

    Success Story


    Analytics-Powered Dashboarding for IKEA Market Research

    As a global furniture brand wanted to grow its business utilizing the latest technologies, it needed improved analytics for decision-making. Our technological relationship culminated in a fully dashboarding structure that has scaled and given real-time market data. We assisted IKEA to create a complete dashboarding platform which offered immediate insight into operations as well as validating data. Using big data and predictive analytics, this method identified opportunities for strengthening our client’s business. 


    Manufacturing Process Automation for a Footwear Company

    The globally footwear manufacturer located in India looked for to fully automate its plant’s manufacturing processes. In addition, the company has fallen behind in upholding sophisticated technological facilities that would improve its team’s capabilities. Relaxo worked with OrangeMantra on the development and deploy future-ready solutions for automation. This improved the creating process and provided instantaneous fashion access to inventory and production data. 

    Performance Analysis Dashboard Solution for a Leading Indonesian Bank

    Our client is a banking institution that provides simple financial management services. Our client wanted to enhance its process for granting personal loans by deciding the best option. But initially, our client needed to search for a partner who had experience in setting up dashboard solutions. OrangeMantra met this prerequisite by virtue of our expertise in sophisticated offerings for the banking and finance industry. After opting for collaboration with OrangeMantra, they asked us to address other issues, including a lack of specialist documentation and an adequate dashboard. 


    What Our Clients Say

    I was perplexed and didn't know with whom to contact for data science consulting services . Then, I got in touch with this team they helped me with the entire process. I am really happy with the entire process. They guided us even after the delivery of the work. I was really happy and will be delivering.

    Rudra SEO Head

    I was really feeling happy with the overall process of data science company. I was going through different websites. The overall process was seamless, and they have assisted in delivering the project within the timeline and they did it. It was a really nice experience working with them.

    Money Saxena Software Developer

    I was willing to work with a data science company firm that has good years of experience and has delivered really apt work. This way they have delivered the entire process and overall task.

    Mayank Puri SEO Manager

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      We have knowledge serving clients in an array of data science consulting services, like banking, health care, retail, manufacturing, and the internet, between many.  

      Our team is skilled in an array of technologies and tools, such Python, R, SQL, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Tableau, and others, enabling us to leverage the best tools for each project's requirements.  

      The total amount of time of a project varies depending to its confusion, scope, and special demands. We partner closely with clients in establishing realistic scheduling and milestones that insure timely delivery without reducing quality. 

      We leverage both structured and unstructured information from a variety of sources, including databases, spreadsheets, composed texts, images, videos, and sensor data, to extract useful information and drive informed decision-making. 

      We value the safety and security of our clients' data and implement professional standards and legal requirements. Data science consulting services use reliable data encoding, restriction of access, and confidentiality safeguards to safeguard confidential data throughout the project's lifecycle.